Admiral’s Handbook Updated!!!

Hi all, I’d like to announce the official version 1 of the Admiral’s Handbook and one small rules change that will help drive the game more smoothly and predictably.  We have decided after much testing that reducing the attack/defense rolls to 3D6 helps control the rolls and makes big modifiers mean a lot more.  This will help make the game more consistent with players who like to play competitively and still allows underdog players to have a chance to come back with some good attack rolls.  Please download the updated handbook from The Game page of this website.

First set of Proofs and Release Date

We have received our first set of proofs from our manufacture and they look great.  We will be ready with all rules updates and product, and will be setting a soft launch date of April 8th.  The website will be updated at that time to link to the purchase site where you can order the Cube box, intro decks and token cards.

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