Counts as a Drydock

New discussion on the Admiral’s Den forum on resource cards that say “Counts as a Drydock” in the card text.  More cards in the expansion NATO vs. the Blok have this in their card text.  The latest posting will describe exactly what that means.  Click here to find out more.

Proposed Rules Changes for the First Expansion

We have posted a new thread on the Admiral’s Den forum you should check out.  We have a couple of rules changes we have been testing to help make the game faster and move along easier.  These changes will affect how the attack/defense challenge will work as well as damage calculation, as well as changing the player’s starting hand size.  Come see all the details HERE.

New Promo Cards From First Expansion

We have received our first printing of the new promo cards for the NATO vs. the Blok expansion.  Players who participate in any demo games will receive one of 6 different rares for free.  Once event dates are finalized we will make the announcements on the Admiral’s Den forum.

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