Core Set Intro Decks Now 25% Off – Limited Time

Announcing new bundle for the Core Set Intro Decks, buy all 3 decks and get 25% off the price of each deck.  Decks must be purchased as a bundle to get the savings.  Bundle will be available only for a limited time so get yours while this deal is on now.

Edit:  This offer will be available until 30 Cube packs are sold so get yours now!!!

For the bundle listing on WarGame Vault click HERE.

Torpedo Card Changes with New Rules

New post on the Admiral’s Den forum changes the errata on the torpedo cards.  With the new rules involving combat against attacking subs, the torpedo cards are no longer required to intercept subs in combat.  However they will still be useful to players defending against players playing subs.  To view the post on the forum click HERE.

Second round of rules changes announced on the Admiral’s Den

Today we announce a second round of rules changes being made for the release of the NATO vs the Blok expansion that will affect players who decide to run decks with alternative formats such as aircraft and subs.  These changes will help balance the mechanics for these deck types and make the game easier to play for all players and deck types.  To see the details on the Admiral’s Den forum click HERE.