First Expansion Release Delayed


Due to limited interest in the initial release of the game, the first expansion, NATO vs. the Blok, will be delayed until further notice.  We will be willing to come back to the release of the expansion if the interest in the game changes and more players purchase cube packs.  As of today (Aug. 20th 2016) there has been only 1 sale of the cube pack.  If we are able to achieve a minimum of 30 sales of the cube game then I will bring back the expansion.  Please don’t wait to get your copy of this game because if you wait for the expansion that may never come.  If you want to see this game get off the ground I suggest you make the purchase.  I plan to keep supporting this game for several years at least however if there isn’t enough interest in this I would be forced to stop supporting it entirely.

Go to the Cards menu, “Core Set,” and click “Buy Core Set” to purchase the cube game, intro decks and mini token cards.