Gun Cards Updated Errata

Uploaded today to our website are updated errata for all 6 gun cards in the Core set.  When equipped to a player’s flagship, that player can tap them to fire on an attacking surface ship.  This allows players who use guns on their flagship to fire them as a fast affect after attacking ships are declared.   Players can direct multiple guns at the same target if they wish to do so or spread the shots around.  These image changes are in affect with our current printings, order today and get all the updated images!

To see all the updated cards CLICK HERE!

Core Set Starter Pack Now Available

Today we have updated our site to include the new Core Set Starter Pack.  This is a great way to start your collection and build any deck in the game.  The Core Set starter pack comes with all 36 rares, 2 of each of the 54 uncommons and 3 of each of the 132 commons.  This pack also comes with all 3 of the Intro decks for the Core set.  Lastly we will include the mini-token cards as an added bonus that can be used in the constructed format.

All this can be yours for only $109US.  This is a huge savings on buying everything separately.  BUY NOW

New Frame Images for Aircraft and Resources Full Art

Uploaded to our site today are new designs for all aircraft cards for the Core set and the expansion NATO vs. the Blok.  New full frame art design brings the image closer to view.  Several Core set aircraft have new pictures to reflect the new format.  The cards have been situated so the front of the aircraft are pointing to the top of the card allowing for maximum view angle.  Also added to aircraft cards are reminder tags that show the aircraft’s subtype, such as Fighters, Multirole, V/STOL, and Helicopters.

Click Here to view the Core set aircraft.

Click Here to see the NATO vs. the Blok aircraft.


Also uploaded today are new designs for all basic resources.  Now featuring full image art designs and larger image frames.  These are definitely worth getting for the design.  Check out the new basic resource design Click Here.

Errata changes and updated cards

Announcing today we have made some errata changes to certain Core set cards and updated the card images.  Starting today, when players purchase any of the Core set packs, cube game and intro decks, edited cards will print with the new text.  Certain ships, weapons and resources have been updated and are available now with updated wording to assist players with certain built-in rules.

Also being introduced today with errata changes is a new key word that has been added to all weapons that defend against aircraft.  AA guns, SAMs and CIWS cards now have the key word “Anti-Air” which means that any fleet ship equipped with these weapons have the ability to intercept attacking aircraft.  This is only an update to the rule change in version 1.5 of the Admiral’s Handbook, however now these cards will have this key word as a reminder to players.  Cards in the NATO vs. the Blok set will also be updated to reflect this change.

In all, a total of 27 cards have been updated including 14 weapons, 8 of which are anti air weapons.  To view all updates made to card images check out the cards page of this website.