Full Frame Art Have Been Added to the Cube

Announcing today, added to the cube game new art for all rare legendary ship cards that feature the new full frame design.  All 7 legendary ships in the Core set have been updated and some with new pictures.  These card designs are available now in the Core set Cube Game and Intro decks for the same low price.

Also updated are all 5 legendary ship cards from NATO vs. the Blok.  These card designs are available in the Cube Expansion and Intro decks.

Buy today and have all the new images.

See Core Images

See NvB Images

Featured card is the USS Yorktown with a new picture showing more detail with the larger frame.

First card revealed for the Dreadnought side set

Yesterday the first card of the Dreadnought side set was revealed, the USS Zumwalt.  And with that revealed a new art design being tested on ship cards.  New legendary ships being created for the Dreadnought set will be exclusive and will be in full framed art.  Development of this set is still ongoing and details are thin.  This card will definitely be good in all constructed formats.

However this set will be delayed until there are more sales of the Core set cube game or associated packages.  Go purchase your pack today and support this expanding game.