Reed Gaming Systems and Naval Battles: CCG is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Department of Defense in the United States, any federal government agency in the U.S., Canada or any foreign country, or any other military entity or unit.  This game by no means is meant to impicture  the realities of war and conflict, and by no means endorses open conflict.

The use of actual ship, aircraft, weapon, base and personnel names is by no means an actual representation of these aforementioned, and are not meant to be taken as realistic by nature.  Any reference to any country, allied faction or militaries there of has no reference to current events or any current or future hostilities that may befall.

This game is a dramatization of what is or has been in reality, however is meant to be taken from a different reality where the world is more hostile and is not meant to be a representation of anything but a fun game to play.